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Welcome !

My Cupcakelicious provides home-made cupcakes & cakes for all occasions be it wedding, anniversary, birthday party or just a simple get-together with ur friends for tea. Designs can be personalized so do browse through this blog and place your order now! Our products are made from premium quality butter (Anchor pure butter) so once you've taste it, you'll definitely come back for more.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Mini Cupcakes

Received an order from a lady customer who wanted mini cupcakes 
to be given away as charity.
i made 2 boxes with animal designs and xmas theme cuppies,
hope the kids at the orphanage luv it!! :)

Animal Theme mini cuppies

Xmas theme mini cuppies

Thursday, December 15, 2011

bees and ladybirds

Made these two designs recently (8+8)... simple pink and maroon flowery theme 
little bees and  ladybirds :)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Orange cuppies for engagement

Personally i think orange is one of those colours that u can either go totally wrong or nail it if u do it right,
and i think i did really good this time..
Really2 happy with the final result and so did the customer!! :)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Blue and pink cuppies

Cuppies for 1 happy family, tq for the order.

Cuppies for "mak, abah, kak Jipa, Abg Sham, bang bai, bang hata, angah, ateh, adik"

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Red Velvet Cake

Super delicious & soft velvet cake with creamy cream cheese.
Tq Kak Siti for the order, next time order lagi ye :)

Red Velvet Cake with cream cheese icing - 1.5 kg

"Happy Birthday Sayang"

Tq jaja for the order, hope u like it :)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sweet Green & Pink Cuppies

Sweet Pink and Green Birthday Cuppies.
Tq Maria for the order, next time order lagi ye :)

Cartoons Cartoons

Various cartoons vanilla & chocolate cuppies for a lovely bday bash..
cartoons.. cartoons.. and more cartoons!!
Tq kak lin for the order :)

Red Velvet Cupcakes

My latest attempts to make colourful red velvet cupcakes.

Result : Came out satisfactory as the design was very simple

Result : The cream cheese icing didnt hold as good as butter icing.
hence, My sesame street design was not as "sharp" as usual.
Nevertheless i still manage to come out with what customer requested.. pheww!! :p
tq Tracy for the order :)

Who said red velvet cuppies have to be red & white only? Aint this just colourful :)
Made these cuppies with girlish decos like handbag, purse, clutch, high heels, wedges, dress, blouse and sunnies!! 

Orange Cuppies with butter icing, Cute and cheerful design as requested by customer.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Friday, October 21, 2011

Engagement Cuppies

Blue (with sugar paste heart) and Pink (lavender flowers) theme cuppies ordered for engagement.
Design was given by dearest customer, thanks for the orders :)

~ ~ -------------------------- ~ ~

Customer gave me 3 key words to express the cuppies that she wanted for her broher's engagement :
looks sweet &
well, this is what i came out with as for me "english" style is associated with pastel colours, flowers & pearls.
Personally i was very happy with the result and so did my customer!
nampak sweet x uolls? :)

Miniature Fondant Cakes

Blue & pink Miniature Fondant Cake that took foreva to finish :P
A friend ordered this for her cousin's wedding

Fruit Cake + Fondant, 4 pieces 4" x 4"

Min 4 pieces of miniature fondant cake per order.
Size  approx. 4" x 4"
Pink Cherry Blossom ( Sakura ) flower mini cake made for hantaran - 25/12/10

Sakura mini fondant cake all set in a semi transparent box specially requested for an engagement hantaran 25/12/10

Square single tier, 4" x 4"

Round 2 tier, 4" diameter

Really Bright Green Cuppies

Bright green cuppies anyone? wanted to experiment with really shocking colours for a change :P

Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate cream topping and butter icing

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rabbit Farm Cake

Rabbit Farm Cake ordered by kak fida for her beloved hubby, tq so much for the order :)

(Top view )
Chocolate Cake, 1.5 kg

(Side view)

Liverpool Cake

Liverpool Birthday Cake for a die hard fan

Chocolate cake, 1.5 kg with edible image

Birthday Cuppies

These birthday cuppies was for baby fathima aleesya who recently turned 1.
The exact design was given by customer for me to copy, tq so much for the orders yeah :)

sweet pinkish cuppies for makan-makan


Super yummie fruit tart suitable for open house, gatherings & even hantaran

Fruit Tart, 10" diameter

Blueberry Cheese Tartlet

Strawberry fruit tartlet

Peach fruit tartlet

Egg tart - 10" diameter

Egg Tart made as Hantaran

Apple pie - 10" diameter

Chocolate tart - 10" diameter

Best served with whipped cream & fruits

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pillow Cake

Green and Pink Pillow Cake for engagement

Butter Cake 2.5 kg (Top View)

Side view

Fondant Pillow Cake with Gumpaste Cala Lilies deco
Soft  pink uol pillow kita, sweet tak? :p
Made as a birthday cake recently but also suitable as a hantaran too, with more elaborated flowers of course :)
3kg ++, 10 inch butter cake

(Top view)

(Side view)

Fondant Cake

Purple & Pink Sakura Fondant and Royal Icing Cake for Hantaran Nikah

Prune Cake, 1.8 kg (Top View)

Side view

Kids birthday fondant cake
Disney Princess Fondant Cake in pink !!
Prune cake, 2 kg, with edible image.